A Sneak Peak at How Four Behavior Experts Are Helping Dogs Be Behaviorally Healthy and Keeping Dog Owners Happy – and Why You Should Care

Have you ever adopted a dog from a shelter, or knew someone who did? Do dogs from shelters have “special needs” when they first come into a new home?  What’s the very first thing you should do with your new shelter dog when he first enters your house?

Do you, or someone you know or are working with, have family dogs that don’t get along?  Is your dog uncontrollable on leash when meeting other dogs?  Are all these dog-dog problems just “dominance problems”?

Have you ever wondered why some dogs don’t ride well in the car and what can be done to help them be more relaxed?  Why do so many dogs not like their feet touched and nail trims turn into nightmare events?  If you had a chance to raise the best behaved dog ever, what behaviors would you want from that dog and how would you train them?

Do you think punishment is something evil and close to torture, a reasonable way to teach your dog what NOT to do, or neither?  Is the idea of “dominance” really dead, a crucial aspect of having a successful relationship with your dog, or something in between?  

Soooo many questions, soooo little time!  On June 29th at 6pm Mountain Daylight time we team up with our good friends and colleagues Dr. Patricia McConnell and Dr. Karen London to discuss crucial issues about dog behavior and how our everyday interactions with them can have long lasting effects on their behavior. 

During this live webinar you’ll also have a chance to learn more about Trisha’s and Karen’s new booklet, “Love Has No Age Limit”, and about our upcoming July seminar from Dogs of Course.  Best of all, there is no charge for this unique event with who we modestly believe are among the most experienced applied animal behaviorists out there,  BUT there is a registration limit imposed by the webinar software.

So you’ll want to Click This Link Right Now  to register and be able to attend live.  The recorded replay will be available ONLY to members of our Behavior Education Network.  Not a BEN member yet?  BEN membership is the affordable online resource for ongoing science based, practical behavior education for pet professionals (and information junkie pet owners!) 

Join today and have On Demand access not only to this “Sneak Peek” webinar but to 30 others (all CEU approved by CCPDT) plus discounts on multi-session webinar courses from Animal Behavior Associates, reviews and analyses of scientific articles and much more!


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