An Introduction to Mobile Marketing to Grow Your Business

Do you have all the business and all the clients you want? Do you know that more and more people are searching for local businesses using their phones, and that 60% of those users call after finding the business that way? Wouldn’t YOU like to be the business receiving those calls?

In this special webinar session with our friend, colleague and small business marketing coach Ms. Deb Miller, MA,MOQ/OE, you’ll discover WHAT mobile marketing is and WHY it’s important for your business, especially in a slow economy. 

Do you know if your website is "mobile friendly"?  If prospective clients are looking for you or your business on their smart phones and your site displays in tiny print or users have to scroll left to right to see it, they will probably give up trying to find or contact you.  

But for your site to even come up in a search, it must be GPS targeted.  Is your site optimized for your location? 

Many of you have expressed concerns about client compliance.  Do you know how you can use one type of mobile marketing as a method to increase client compliance?  Whether you have a physical facility or not, you can use QR codes to encourage people to contact you. Not sure what a QR code is or how to get one?  Then that settles it – this webinar is for YOU!

Here’s what a few people who attended LIVE had to say: 

"Great information, logically presented in a friendly, encouraging way. Thank you also for the discounted consultation, I will use that. So many wonderful suggestions were presented!"  Lola C.

"You can start today!!! (Even those who don’t have a smart phone can use text messages starting today!! Others should at least get a QR code today!"  Kelly M.

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