Celebrating Adopt A Cat Month

June has been Adopt-A-Cat Month – and we almost did.  But after visiting a beautiful Siamese mix who needed a home, and a tearful conversation between the two of us, we decided the time just wasn’t right.  This is about the third time we’ve come to that conclusion since losing our great Buffett cat a number of years years ago.

Part of the reason is that Buffett was such a great boy, that even after all this time it’s hard not to compare any cat we see to him – and filling his paws is a mighty big challenge for any cat we see.

Second, is that we know that even under the best of circumstances, helping a new cat adjust to a new living situation with us will require some time and effort.  Coral, our Irish setter, grew up with cats and has a history of friendly, playful behavior with them.  But even if we acquire a cat that has a similar friendly history with dogs, it will still require some time and management from us for the two to become familiar with one another.

And with an upcoming home repair project, a week long steel pan “boot camp”, an important conference and out of town guests, we didn’t think we’d have the time to give a new cat the time she deserved to acclimate to new surroundings  .So, despite wanting a cat and missing a feline presence in our lives, we didn’t adopt a cat this month.

BUT to support those who did acquire a new feline and want to be sure they provide a stimulating cat-friendly home that supports the new kitty’s behavioral health, helps her use her litterbox and scratching post reliably, and teacher her not to bite or scratch during play, and successfully manage introductions with resident cats to ensure friendly relationships, we have TWO programs to help you.

Check out our Helping Cats Co-Exist and Helping Kitty Be Good DVD and CDs


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    Which video should I buy regarding introducing a new puppy to my 9 year old cat? The cat is trying to attack the dog.

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