Crates and Confinement

As an early Christmas present to our loyal readers, we are giving you access to part of one of our Exclusive Behavior Education Network Pro Member Only Classes.  This was one of the first sessions we did for BEN members.  We want to give you a glimpse into the what BEN Members have access to every month. 

We now have over 60 hours of webinars within Behavior Education Network.  This one is called "Everything You Wanted to Know About Crates and Confinement".  The entire session was about 100 minutes – we are giving you access to the first 45 minutes.  We hope you enjoy it as our early Christmas present to you.  Want to hear the rest and get access to over 60 hours of webinars?  Join the Behavior Education Network today!

Want more?  Join Behavior Education Network today.  For about the cost of one dinner out/month, you can give yourself the gift of scientific education in pet behavior and training at your fingertips.

AND for another special Christmas offer – Grab a personally autographed copy of Rocky Mountain Steel Bands Christmas CD – this is the band we play in!   Watch us play Winter Winterland, one of the songs on the CD.   Get the details and purchase your copy at

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