Did You Do Your Dog Training Homework?

Statistics indicate that most pets will engage in at least one behavior in their lives that becomes a problem for owners.  It’s not known how many pet owners consult some sort of behavior or training professional for help for their pets’ behavior versus trying to solve the problem on their own.


We’ve become more and more interested in hearing about pet owners’ experiences when they do work with a professional – and sometimes more than one – because the problem persisted despite expert help. 

Many pet pros we work with who offer behavior and training services express significant concern and frustration about pet owners not following through with the recommendations or “homework” they are given.  We know there are multiple, and probably complex reasons for this.  But we want to try to discover what the professionals might be able to do better, or do differently, to improve pet owner compliance. 

So – if you are a pet owner who has turned to a professional – trainer, behaviorist, behavior consultant, veterinarian – or other pet pro – for help with your pet’s behavior problem, please complete our 10 item questionnaire about your experiences.

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