Pet Behavior Information Business Cruise 2013

If you’ve been following us for any length of time, you know about our membership site – Behavior Education Network – the online educational site we opened in 2009 for pet professionals to learn about animal behavior.  We’ve had nothing but good feedback from BEN members –here’s just a few examples:

"I’m finding my BEN membership so valuable…! I’m so excited to dive into all of the articles and past webinars and soak up all that I can. Thanks for the great service!"  Sarah M.

"What a thorough resource BEN is for well researched and vetted information that I can readily use!!"  Susan J.

What you may not know is that we had tried for over two years to conquer the challenges we faced –technological, mental, organizational, promotional and more – without success in our attempt to make Behavior Education Network a reality.  We’d spent several thousands dollars in our efforts and had just about given up ever getting this site off the ground and making our dream of an online component to our business come true.

Enter Jim Edwards 

Suzanne first met Jim back in 2004 and in 2007 became a charter member of his membership site – The Net Reporter – that gives people all the tools and techniques they need to have a successful online business.  When Jim became our mentor in 2009, we found EXACTLY what we needed – the step-by-step “how to” we had struggled for years to obtain on our own.  His mentoring resulted in not only a successful launch of BEN (which by the way won the Best Membership Site contest on Jim’s 2009 Jim Boat Cruise) but also in the ongoing financial success with ALL our websites that has transformed our business and also our lives. 

We introduced you to Jim this past June in the free webinar “E-Book Success Blueprint for Pet Professionals”. If you haven’t caught this webinar yet, Jim graciously agreed to leave the replay up for a bit longer, and you can still find a link to it in the right side bar, here on

Jim has become not only our business coach and mentor but our personal friend as well.  This past July we spent a weekend with Jim and his wife Terri (and two other members of Jim’s coaching group) at their beautiful home in Virginia laying out our goals and plans for our business through 2012 and beyond.

Take a look at the picture from that visit.         

Jim’s a dog lover – that’s Gracie, one of several of Jim’s dogs – giving Suzanne a kiss (ask Jim about Gracie and the pizza some time!). You can also see Jim’s a very down to earth, approachable, friendly, sincere guy who really cares about the success of all of his customers. 

What you probably wouldn’t guess from his swanky morning attire you see in the picture is Jim’s gone from being bankrupt and living in a trailer park to now being a multi-millionaire as a result of doing exactly what he teaches his students to do to have successful businesses – both online and offline. 

A big part of our relationship with Jim came about during the four Jim Boat Cruises we’ve been on since 2005.  Watch the video testimonials we gave during several of the cruises and you’ll see what a great experience they are.


Your Special Invitation

This time we want YOU to be part of the very exclusive group of pet behavior professionals who come with us on the Jim Boat Cruise 2013.  This Jim Boat in 2013 is unique.  Jim’s not had break-out speakers target specific audiences before, like we are doing for YOU – our group of pet behavior professionals.  There is NO OTHER cruise like this one for pet behavior professionals because it combines the opportunity to learn from successful experts from BOTH the behavior and training field AND the business arena.  And we’ve found it’s amazing what you can learn from networking with other Jim Boat-ers who have different types of businesses that can be applied to what WE do.

You’ll Discover How to Put the Power of the Internet to Work for Your Business And:

•    Attract clients who are looking for your existing services but aren’t finding YOU because your competitors are more easily found on the web than YOU are 

•    Discover how to have more clients and more revenue without creating an equal increase in the amount of work for yourself

•    Create an entirely new component to your business that is both a new revenue stream AND compliments your existing services

•    Satisfy that long held secret desire to go beyond your local market and create a business that makes life better for pets and people and is more satisfying for you.

If you are ready to move past the daily grind of seeing clients who sap your energy and make your feel like you’re in the ground hog day movie…

If you are tired of JUST trading time for money and think that they only ways to make more money are to put in longer days seeing more clients OR hiring more people and not knowing if that will actually put more money in your pocket or just be an expensive headache…

If you are frustrated because you know your knowledge, experience and time is worth more than the money you’re taking home…

If you are ready to be challenged, want to find new ways to fuel your passion for behavior and training, reach more people and make a bigger difference for more pets and people than you ever thought possible and transform how your business makes money…

Then YOU are the person we want as part of our special group of pet behavior professionals who will be coming with us on The Jim Boat 2013 Cruise for this special session.

In our special break-out session for our group of pet behavior professionals, we’ll cover:


A clear vision minimizes uncertainty, gives each day a purpose, renews your passion and helps you avoid burn-out.   

Expand your view of the “life span” of a client from ending when their pet is trained or problem solved to continuing the relationship and the need for what you provide.    


Your website must be much more than an expensive digital brochure.  Discover how to make every visit to your site count with just ONE crucial change and how you can manage your own site no matter how “not geeky” you are.

    Services may be the basis of your business, but information products are the answer to the problem of trading time for money.  Discover easy, time saving techniques to have your own product that overcome your fears and self-imposed limits.  

You’ve heard of “re-gifting”, now learn how to easily re-purpose your knowledge and the content (handouts, etc.) you’ve already created into other formats that maximize their value to you and your business.

And of course they’ll be plenty of time to "talk shop" about pet behavior and training topics during dinners, shore excursions and other breaks.

Your Bonus Gift From Us

When you come along on the Jim Boat 2013 with us, in addition to all the instruction you’ll get from us and from Jim, we’ll also give you a copy of our Pet Pro Behavior Guide Program AND one hour of telephone consulting/followup time with us (something we regularly charge $350 for) after we get back home to help you apply what you’ve learned to your own business.  (If you’ve already purchased our PPBG we’ll work with you personally to identify a comparable bonus for you). 

By now, you’re probably wondering what the heck is The Jim Boat?  Find out EVERYTHING you need to know about coming along, including a complete cruise seminar schedule, ports of call, and how to get on board by clicking on THIS EXCLUSIVE LINK to The Jim Boat 2013. 

You’ll quickly see what a down-to-earth sort of guy Jim is when you see the theme for the 2013 cruise.  To see our feedback from previous cruises be sure and watch the “No Theory…Practical Take Aways” testimonial from us on the Jim Boat page.

2-for-1 Seminar Pricing is good until September 30th

So grab your spouse, significant other, business partner, or colleague and fellow trainer and come along!  For ONLY $297 for TWO people (plus the cruise price which is about what you’d pay for airfare, meals and hotel for a typical conference) you’ll get not only our special break out session mentioned above BUT ALSO six sessions from Jim on board as well as THREE webinars before we set sail.  That’s LESS THAN $15/HOUR of instruction from experts who combined have over 50 years of experience and whose businesses have literally made millions of dollars (we are still in the 6-figure range, but Jim is a millionaire many times over!)  There’s no conference that can beat that price and that level of successful expertise!

And that doesn’t even count the “hang out”/networking/socializing time for 7 days where the very best feedback and strategizing about your business and your behavior and training techniques often take place.  

We want to see YOU on board with us in February!  Go right now to The Jim Boat website and decide TODAY to come with us in February.  When you sign up and purchase the cruise, please drop us an email at and let us know you’ve made the life changing decision to come along. 

If you are satisfied with your status quo and want to continue doing what you are doing, just as you are today, this fantastic voyage we’re undertaking in February 2013 really is not a good match for you. 


If you have the slightest interest, or really want to come but think there are too many things in your way – you’ll want to watch the informational webinar and discover even MORE reasons why you should join us on the cruise.  Get all your questions answered HERE, on the replay of the webinar and remember the 2-for-1 pricing expires September 30.

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