The Basis for Better Behaved Dogs

It’s hard to believe that our dear Irish setter Coral, is now 8 years old.  To us she is still our little baby puppy.  Coral is without a doubt one of the easiest dogs to live with we’ve ever had.  Just the polar opposite of our most recent Dalmatian, Ashley, that we wrote about frequently throughout her almost 14 years with us (Ashley journeyed to the Rainbow Bridge this past January). 

Ashley was a beautiful, sweet, friendly dog who was also easily excited, a definite food-aholic, quite tenacious when it came to getting what she wanted, naturally curious , into everything, and in her younger years seemed to be in constant motion unless she was asleep.  (Keep reading for info about a FREE LIVE webinar!)

Despite the temperament differences between these two dogs, (and the four others we’ve had throughout our married life) we followed a handful of basic, yet powerful techniques to bring out the best in all of them.  Granted, bringing out Coral’s best behavior is significantly easier than it was to tap into Ashley’s best, but our go-to procedures were still effective – we just had to be as consistent as Ashley was persistent.

We’ve come to believe from both our personal experience, and our professional experience of working with literally thousands of pet owners over the course of 25+ years, that what pet owners need is a set of relatively simple “what to do when” or “what to do always” procedures.    We’ve used these procedures to prevent behavior problems and they are our default techniques if a behavior becomes a problem.  Admittedly, some behavior problems require additional techniques to resolve, but virtually every behavior can be improved with these go-to procedures. 

That’s why we are presenting a LIVE, FREE webinar event called “Bring Out Your Dog’s Best Behavior in Five Easy Steps: no matter what you’ve tried before and if you think you have the worst behaved dog ever!”  on Wednesday, December 5th at 5pm Mountain time.

One reason why we think the misguided “be your dog’s pack leader” model of human-dog relationships still remains so popular is because it’s simple.  Always be in control, never let your dog do a long list of supposed horrible interactions that, if allowed, will turn your dog into an uncontrollable tyrant, and be a STRICT disciplinarian. 

We’ve violated virtually all the “pack leader” rules with every dog we’ve had and still managed to acquire obedience titles (years ago), and have dogs that were responsive to us, reasonably well behaved, friendly, and safe to take out in the community. 

So whether you are a dog owner who wants a better relationship with your pet, or a pet professional who wants concrete alternatives to the “pack leader” mantra, join us LIVE on December 5th for this free event. AND SHARE with interested others!

Click HERE for a course description and to register.

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