The Power of Focus

We just finished another mentoring session, helping one of our Behavior Education Network members develop a plan to follow-up with clients whose dog has multiple problems.  This dog needs help with his behavior when visitors come to the door, on walks, in the backyard when the neighbors are out, when he sees or passes joggers or bicyclists and also not threatening the husband when he comes home in his “scary” work clothes.

Most of us who work with behavior and training problems often see clients whose pets have multiple problems.  One of our jobs as professionals is to help clients prioritize what they need to work on first to prevent them from becoming overwhelmed with what they might see as insurmountable problems.  When we can give clients just one, two or no more than three training exercises to start with that will allow them to see progress quickly we make it more likely they’ll be motivated to continue.  Breaking big problems into a series of smaller, more do-able steps is an effective strategy no matter what the task.

That strategy applies just as easily to tasks we want to undertake to grow our businesses.  You’ll want to watch the short video  below created by our friend and business coach Jim Edwards on how narrowing your focus increases your ability to accomplish most anything, whether it be writing an article for your blog, making changes in your website, or writing an Ebook.



As you learned from the video,  partnered with Jim Edwards, (we’ll forgive him for his head-leash instead of head-collar!)  who has been our business coach since 2004 to bring you a free webinar called “The Ebook Success Blueprint: How Every Pet Professional Can Grow Their Local Business with Their Own Ebook”

The live webinar was a great success. Thanks so much Jim and to all who attended!

Couldn’t attend live?  The REPLAY IS NOW AVAILABLE. You’ll find a link to access the replay in the upper right hand corner of this page that says "EBOOK SUCCESS BLUEPRINT REPLAY" click to watch the replay NOW!  

Or just Click HERE



  • Looking forward to the webinar tonight!! Even this mini-look at focus has already helped my thought process on this.

  • Suzanne & Dan

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    Cool Marge! Thanks for sharing – you’ll be amazed at all the techniques you’ll learn tonight

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