Your Behavior and Training Business Is Really An Information Business

If you have a pet behavior or training business, you probably think of your business as being a provider of training services.   Your customers and potential customers want their dogs trained, or their pet’s behavior to change in some way.  And they want you to show – and tell – them how to do it.
The time you spend “hands on” working with their pets is likely only a small portion of the contact you have with your clients, beginning with that initial phone call inquiring about your services until the final session is completed.  Whether you’ve ever thought of your business this way or not, what you really spend most of your time doing is selling information to people. 

Stop and think about how much information you impart during every single contact with a client.  From explaining complex concepts such as how to modify emotional reactions through classical conditioning to motor skills such as how to hold a leash.   Unless you offer telephone consultations (a webinar course we presented to members of our Behavior Education Network “Should I Offer Phone Consults?”), most of your information “selling” is done in person during your behavior or training appointments. 

Ultimately, that limits your business revenue (unless you hire others to work for you) because there are only so many hours in your day for you to be available to see people one-on-one.  If you haven’t yet maxed out your appointment times, you are probably wishing for more clients OR wanting to free-up more time for appointments if you have a waiting list.

When you think about your business as selling information about pet behavior and training, you open up entirely new possibilities for yourself and your business.  Authors of books, DVDs, and CDs, seminar presenters and YOU as a service provider are all selling information.  

Websites are and should be used to sell information as well.  Most trainers and other pet professionals who we know are using their websites as essentially digital business brochures and do not sell anything directly online.  Nor do they use their websites to encourage or incentivize visitors to leave their contact info, so if they aren’t ready to schedule a behavior and training appointment, visitors can still receive information that will convince them to do so at a later time.  Does your website have a specific call to action that tells visitors what you want them to do while on your site?

Bottom line is that selling information effectively is one of the corner stones of many businesses  -including a successful behavior and training business.  If you want to learn how to sell your information more effectively, both online and offline you’ll want to join us in a brand new exciting opportunity where we’ll be presenting:

Five Crucial Strategies To Expand Your Local Dog Training and Behavior Consulting Business Into a Pet Behavior and Training Information Business.

This event really is about getting serious about growing your business in new directions and making your business more personally satisfying and rewarding.  If you are happy where you are, this opportunity really and truly is NOT for you.

Spend a Week With Us!

BUT – if you are ready to spend a week with US and our business coach and mentor Mr. Jim Edwards – AND a group of like-minded people, all of whom want to enhance the success of their businesses, then this truly IS an opportunity you shouldn’t miss. 

This is a FIRST EVER opportunity for you, as a pet behavior and training professional to learn from Jim Edwards – a man who has made millions of dollars from his internet businesses – about how to harness the power of information and the internet to transform and expand your business.  And this will be COMBINED WITH training from two internationally known applied animal behaviorists (US!) who have implemented Jim’s techniques and re-invented our business into the one we’ve always wanted.

Get all the details HERE about this week long educational opportunity coming up in February 2013.


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